Turn Back the Turbines!

The rally to confront the turbines is ON for tomorrow, Monday July 16th at 9AM!  We’ll meet across from the access road, two miles south of the village of Lowell on route 100, but we may move locations in order to meet the trucks carrying the turbine parts.  Someone will remain across from the access road to give directions.  Bring signs and friends, and please carpool!

Tell the state that what GMP is doing is still not ok!  We’re still here, and we’re still angry!

See you there!



One comment on “Turn Back the Turbines!

  1. Michelle Pion says:

    Well now we can take the photos and expose GMP and the corruption of our DIRTY governor,,,The people of Lowell have been duped and made fools of….They bought them out…I can see them here in Albany and waht a disgrace…The private land owner will take the cash and laugh all the way to the bank….Poor Lowell !!

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