Photos of Lowell Protests Against GMP Wind Turbine Part Deliveries

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4 comments on “Photos of Lowell Protests Against GMP Wind Turbine Part Deliveries

  1. Suze says:

    Breaks my heart!!! SPEAK UP, make a HUGE Sustained protest and do it right away, fellow Vermonters, We must save our Vermont. No kidding!

  2. Kelley Lind says:

    I am very proud of every one of you who stood out there today. Although this project will go through all of you have helped bring the issue out into the open. Congratulations and hopefully this will be the last ridge line wind project to rape our Green Mountains!

  3. joyce jones says:

    I too am very proud of these devoted Nature lovers…who have from the beginning tracked the process of the destruction of their Beautiful Mtns…It takes a very devoted person to watch and listen to the explosions…the gutting of the Mtns…to watch the Beautiful Pristine Mtns that have existed for over 400 yrs be flattened…One Mtn after another….caring not how the families that live near have to suffer with their Health issues/ and devalued homes because of the noise….etc…I debated a long while about purchasing the Book against the Wind…because I knew what was seen in pictures would be put into personal feelings…personal efforts…to stop this tragedy….Keep up the good work Vermonters…maybe what you are doing is being noticed by people of other states that are dealing with the same problems….Keep up the good work….we are still behind you…Much Love ….

  4. Mike says:

    GazMetro, through its front company GMP, has purchased the Vermont executive branch, key legislators, including those they have hired (we know who the slimeballs are) and parts of the judicial branch. I wonder if those corporate crooks and their political cronies still think that Vermonters in the northeast kingdom are a bunch of dumb hicks that can be easily bought off?

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