Protesters block highway at Vt. wind project site

Protesters block highway at Vt. wind project site

Jul 16, 2012 12:44pm
LOWELL, Vt. (AP) — A spokeswoman for a Vermont utility says protesters have stopped traffic on Route 100 while officials try to deliver components to be used as part of the Lowell Mountain wind project.

Green Mountain Power spokeswoman Dorothy Schnure says that as of mid-day Monday about 50 protesters were preventing a truck carrying a piece of a wind tower from turning into the construction site from the highway.

She says at least two protesters were led away by law enforcement officers.

The Lowell Mountain wind project is under construction, but it has generated a series of protests from opponents who claim the project will mar the beauty of the area and have other unintended effects.


One comment on “Protesters block highway at Vt. wind project site

  1. Suze says:

    THESE Industrial Wind Wind Turbines on Vermont ridgelines
    are an environmental and human travesty. Expensive, inefficient, destructive, producing all sorts of physical symptoms via the noise, infra sound And vibration (tinnitus, dizziness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, irritability, depression/anxiety, headaches(, ruining property values so when people want to move away from the turbines no one will buy their property… This is crazy! These Industrial Scale Turbines do not belong on these ridge lines! Erosion, flooding, ruination of stream headwaters and streams and vernal pools, the killing of aquatic life, ruining wilderness habitat, killing bats, birds… The list is much longer. All of this so that these wind corporations can line their pockets with our tax dollars. They care absolutely nothing for Vermont or Vermonters! This is all plain fact. Some Vermonters, and those who love Vermont, are still not aware of this. Please spread the word right away! Are you OK with being BAMBOOZLED by these greedy corporations who care nothing about destroying a number of aspects of Vermont’s quality of life and natural beauty??? Please speak up! We need a still LOUDER voice to make our protests heard by the legislature, the Gov, The Public Service Board, The Agency of Natural Resources, etc. Thank you Very much for those concerned people present and protesting today on the route where the Industrial Scale Turbine parts are being transported.

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