Report from someone following the convoy

I was there today and have arrived home in the last hour…… this was the first time i have ever expereinced some thing like this…….there are so many emotions swirling within me right now….There are images I will carry forever,,, of Don & Shirley Nelson standing together with their arms around each other and Shirley crying then Don….. the massive amount of law enforcement… the feeling of soladarity amongst everyone…..the fear when they started the truck up with people in the road….. there was definatly far more than 50 people just standing in the road in front of the truck.. these people were there chest to the truck chanting turn it around…or back it away…. six seven deep…many with banners or flags…. some drumming or stick clacking,,, there were many many more on the sides and walking about…. Ira and his brother had already been arrested when I arrived as i was in the convey following the truck.. I fell into line in Derby and followed behind the sheriff’s rear vehicle to Lowell. Dorothy Schnure from GMP was standing along side the rode watching the protesters as were many other GMP people……they called in State police from as far away as Waterbury….. I counted 29 law enforcement all huddled together along side the road.. there was also fish and wildlife, home land security and many sherriff’s from various dept in the area….. I had our video camera going right up to the trucks pulling into the yard…my batteries died……. I spoke to a number of law enforcement on camera, the truck driver flaggers, other motorist etc, regarding the protest.. no one from GMP would talk to me..despite my attempts.. Dorothy pointed at the spot I was standing then pointed to the road and gestured with her arms for me to step back onto the road.. all the law enforcement except the sherrif at the rear of the convoy were very respectful… that sherrif was very rude and tried a number of times to make me stop following the convoy saying I had no legal right to do so and at one time told me it was illegal to be driving so slow on the interstate…. BUT we were not on the interstate we were on the road leading into Irasburg:P tongue..the other sheriff who was the lead Sheriff told me i was fine I could be there as long as i stayed behind the last set of flashing lights..The lead state polic officer informed Pat Oneill and Steve Wright that they the police will not be so tolerant tomarrow should it happen again….. A deal was struck with the police if they let Ira and his brother out of the sherrif vehicle to join the protesters than  the protesters would unblock the road and let the truck through.. that is what happened.. they have still been issues citations. It was a powerful day.

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  1. Suze says:

    I so hope that More people realize that there is a huge difference between “Wind power in general” AND INDUSTRIAL SCALE WIND TURBINE COMPLEXES on steep ridge lines like we have here in Vermont. More people need to know that in Vermont, even on ridge lines, the wind resource is not substantial. The Industrial Scale Wind Turbine Complexes on Vermont ridgelines will only run at approximately 22% capacity!
    ~ Have you heard of “Reduce your carbon footprint… Plant trees”?
    When huge roads are put in to give access to the very large trucks to get to the ridge lines, and which run from turbine to turbine for MILES, hundreds of acres are DE-FORESTED, trees are cut down by the thousands. Consider: These industrial scale turbines are inefficient and cost ineffective AND, as well, we will have lost thousands of carbon reducing trees. So tragic and completely unnecessary ~ we will have had our ridge lines blasted off by millions of pounds of explosives. Imagine the 14 industrial scale wind complexes under consideration being constructed…for negligible return, maybe none when all is calculated…and then we realize that those 200 miles of ridges are posted NO TRESPASSING…Sounds like a nightmare of a movie to me! A REALITY, not a movie, unless we get out there more or write a letter or make a phone call or donate to Vermonters For A Clean Environment or Energize Vermont!

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