“Addicted to Fashion” a poem by Cody Michaels

“Addicted to Fashion”

To get a fix in the modern world
is a caricature of ideas
a contradiction in terms
a parody of living
Tell me the true worth of things
such as:
missiles, jets, billboards, stocks and bonds,
space shuttles, spray cans, and ozone holes,
chem-trails, microwaves, and toxic wastes
high voltage power lines
and ridgelines blasted for mega-wind turbines
Picture vanishing glaciers, rising seas, dying reefs
and landfills overflowing with corporate non-compassion 
Hear the beastly roar of the machine engines 
as they drown out the acid breeze
sighing through whats left the trees
This is half-life, spent in cubicles, traffic, chat rooms,
shopping malls, sports bars, strip clubs, fast food joints,
drained swamps and paved over fields 
conspicuously consuming creation
we are devouring each other, the earth, our souls
meanwhile, at the terminals of armageddon
virtual and televised pseudo-reality
push the latest and greatest trends
always enjoyed at the expense of the poor
Radiation leaks, you know
it’s the ultimate fashion
Cody Michaels