Videos of Protest on the Mountain this morning


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  1. We need to look at the industrial wind turbine failures in New England . The Portsmouth High School ,Rhode Island wind turbine only three years old had a gearbox failure. The repairs could cost over one million dollars .The Princeton,Masschusetts wind turbine had gear box failure which cost over $600,000.00 to repair

    The wind industry hides the secrets of the O&M ,operation and maintenance of these turbines and hides dirty little secrets about gear box failures.

    The Charlestown ,Massachusetts wind tubine started last Oct 2011 .The foundation bolts broke off as soon as it started . Millions more are going into the Charlestown MWRA wind turbine just like the “Big Dig”

    These wind turbine projects are a bunco scheme! Everytime the wind industry has a major falure they tell people the newer wind turbines don’t break down !

    Now they tell people the new wind turbines have direct drive and they don’t break down – they don’y tell you that they have permanent magnets that can’t be replaced .

    Finally wind turbines cause more fossil fuels to be burnt when the coal plants have to make up production when the wind doesn’t blow . A financial fiasco ….

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