Woodchucks from the NEK confront Gov. Shumlin’s office with banners!


MOUNTAINOCCUPIERS deployed two 40’ banners from the roof of the Capitol Plaza Building at noon today, challenging Governor Shumlin’s credibility on the climate change issue based on his ownership of oil and natural gas stock.  Banners also assert that “ridgeline wind won’t stop climate change”, and quote the Governor as saying: “Woodchucks from the Northeast Kingdom won’t stop me from saving the world from climate change.”

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MountainOccupiers is a network of concerned citizens who oppose destroying Vermont ridgelines for industrial wind development and seek to promote a rational energy policy that effectively addresses climate change.  MountainOccupiers, like woodchucks, multiply rapidly and pop up everywhere, and insist on holding elected officials accountable for disinformation, namecalling, and undue coziness with large corporations.

For further information contact mountainoccupiers@gmail.com or call 802-558-9177.


4 comments on “Woodchucks from the NEK confront Gov. Shumlin’s office with banners!

  1. Mike says:

    You guys pulled off a good one. I hope it gave Governor Scumlin heartburn.

  2. As Annette Smith suggested (write her in for Governor tomorrow!), Shumlin’s pants are on fire, not his hair.

  3. Vanessa says:


  4. […] media-savvy opposition staged protests this fall on the Statehouse lawn, and just last weekend unfurled enormous banners decrying Gov. Shumlin’s position on wind from the roof of the Capitol Plaza Building in Montpelier. But Powell thinks time will be on […]

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