BREAKING NEWS: Chronicle publisher’s trespassing case dismissed

 BREAKING NEWS: Chronicle publisher’s trespassing case dismissed

Chronicle publisher Chris Braithwaite issued the following statement this afternoon, December 5, 2012, just after a trespassing charge was dismissed against him in Orleans County Superior Court:

On the day after my arraignment on a charge of unlawful trespass, I wrote that I believed my conduct on Lowell Mountain on December 5, 2011, satisfied the dictates of common sense and the ethics of journalism.  What remained was the daunting task of demonstrating that it was also within the law.  That task came to a successful conclusion today.

It is my hope that journalists who find themselves in a similar situation will bear this case in mind when they are ordered to leave the scene of important public event.

And I hope that police officers will bear this case in mind, when they encounter journalists at the scene of significant public events who are just trying to do their job.

I regret that the documents which would help to explain the state’s decision to dismiss my case remain under court seal.  My attorney, Phil White, has asked the court to release these documents, and hope that my colleagues in journalism will join us in an effort to make this information public.


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  1. Kelley Lind says:

    Congratulations!!!!! This is great news!!!

  2. Ken Davis says:

    Congratulations to Chris & Phil

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