Convicted of trespassing, Lowell Six face community service

Group arrested at site of Green Mountain Power turbines

UPDATED 11:23 PM EST Dec 11, 2012
VIDEO: Lowell Six face community service, continued fight

A Orleans District Court judge has sentenced six opponents of the Kingdom Community Wind Project to 25 hours of community service each.
The Lowell Six, as they have been called, were convicted of trespassing at the site of the wind project in Lowell.
The six said they are not sorry for the December 2011 protest, which called attention to what they said are misconceptions of green energy.
“As long as Vermont policies allow for the destruction of natural resources, with no benefit to fight against climate change, we will continue to fight,” said Ron Holland.
The fight will continue in court.
First, the Lowell Six are appealing their conviction.
A judge said the group will not have to serve their 25 hours of community service until that appeal is decided.
Second, a civil case is working its way through the courts, to decide who actually owns the land the protesters were on when they were arrested.
Green Mountain Power was building its project, but a neighbor alleges the land is actually part of their property.
Until that case next year, the group hopes to educate the public on what they said are the realities of green energy.