Publisher Asks GMP for Legal Fees, Apology

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3 comments on “Publisher Asks GMP for Legal Fees, Apology

  1. Mike says:

    Could it be that a admission on behalf of GMP would affect other lawsuits they are pursuing against mountain occupiers and the Nelsons? It would seem as if GMP has made a fundemental error and like all criminal organizations is more interested in damage control than in doing the right thing.

  2. Mark says:

    It seems like the ugly truth about GMP is coming out in volumes. They can not bring the turbines to full power because of the noise levels! I was up on Irish hill today, near the turbines and it looks like a battle zone…Those poor people that live near them ahhh What ever happened to Vermont?? What ever happened to Lowell.? …….Some one made some money 🙂

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