Lowell Six Oral Argument, Vermont Supreme Court, 3/27/13

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Audio of Vermont Supreme Court Oral Argument 

in case of Lowell Six arrest on disputed Nelson land

Vermont Law School, March 27, 2013


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  1. Ernst Knolle says:

    Windmills deplete the Earth’s rain transportation energy
    Ernst Knolle, PE Calif. Lic. 12372 ernst@knollemagnetrans.com
    http://www.knollemagnetrans.com rev. 12/29/12
    Earth diameter (A) 7,964miles
    Earth surface area (B)=pi x(A)^2 199,256,444square miles
    One square mile (C)=(5280)^2 27,878,400square feet
    One Megawatt (MW) (D) 1,000Kilowatt (Kw)
    Weight of air at 680F (E) 0.07528lbs/cu.ft.
    Volume of air over each sq.ft. (F) 20,000cu.ft./sq.ft.
    Earth surface area: (G)=(B)x(C) 5.55495E+15square feet
    Total Earth air volume (H)=(G)*(F) 1.11099E+20cubic feet
    Total Earth air weight (H1)=(H)x(E) 8.36353E+18lbs
    Earth wind speed (Stanford Res.) (H2) 15fps average
    KE of Earth air in ft-lbs (H3)=1/2 MxV^2 2.92204E+19ft-lbs
    Conversion: One Kwh = (H4) 2,655,224ft-lbs
    KE of Earth air in Kwh (H5)=(H3)/(H4) 1.10049E+13Kwh
    Conversion: One million BBl of oil= (H6) 1,782,000,000Kwh
    KE of Earth air in million barrels (H7)=(H5)/(H6) 61,760,286MMbl
    Info from Halkema and Stanford Research 2005
    Attached to grids in 2005 (I1) reported 60,000MW total Earth
    Farms, irrigation & others (I2) estimated 5,000,000MW total Earth
    Total w’mill rated capacity (J)=(I1)+(I2) 5,060,000MW total Earth
    (K) 0.2
    2005 Windmill max output ability (L)=(J)x(K) 1,012,000MW total Earth
    Wind to wire (propeller) efficiency (M) 0.1rate
    Wake turbulence loss (N) 0.5rate
    2005 Air KE loss rate (O)=(L)/((M)*(N)) 20,240,000MW total Earth
    Average windmill running time (P) 7,300hours/year
    2005 Air KE loss quantity (Q)=(O)x(P) 147,752,000,000MWh/year
    2005 Air KE loss due to windmills: (R)=(Q)xD/(H6) 82,914MMbl/year
    2012 Air KE loss due to windmills: (S)=(R)x(V7)/(T) 297,094MMbl/year
    Compare total world oil, gas and coal consumption: 70,000MMbl/year
    Compare Earth core heat radiating out into universe: 111,000MMbl/year
    KE loss caused by windmills as % of total Earth wind KE
    Annual increase in KE withdrawal by windmills: 20% incr./year
    2005 Windmill KE (T)=(S)*100/(H7) 0.13 %
    Prior 15 years KE 15 times (T) (U)=(T)x15 2.01 %
    2006Windmill KE (V1)=(T)x1.2 0.16 %
    2007Windmill KE (V2)=(V1)x1.2 0.19 %
    2008Windmill KE (V3)=(V2)x1.2 0.23 %
    2009Windmill KE (V4)=(V3)x1.2 0.28 %
    2010Windmill KE (V5)=(V4)x1.2 0.33 %
    2011Windmill KE (V6)=(V5)x1.2 0.40 %
    2012Windmill KE (V7)=(V6)x1.2 0.48 %
    Cumulative total as of 12/31/12 4.23 %
    There is no mechanism in nature that replaces wind energy withdrawn by humans.
    Hence, future winds will bring us increasingly less rain and less cooling.
    The 4.23% cumulative total thus far may already seriously affect far inland areas.

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