Green Mountain Power has applied for a permit to kill endangered bats. Now’s your chance to tell ANR what you think!

A public meeting is scheduled for June 20 in Lowell, or send in your comments-  all the details are below:

The Agency of Natural Resources has received Endangered Species Permit applications for the taking of state threatened and endangered bat species incidental to the operation of two different wind power facilities: Green Mountain Power Corporation (Lowell)

A draft permit has been issued for takings of state threatened and endangered bats at these wind facilities.  The permit applications, recommendations from the Endangered Species Committee and draft permit may be found at:

A public meeting has been scheduled for:

        June 20, 2013 at 7 pm. at Lowell Graded School, 52 Gelo Park Road, Lowell, VT 05847

Public comments are welcome and must be received on or before 4:30 p.m. on June 24, 2013.  Comments may be sent by email to or regular mail to:

Comments c/o Catherine Gjessing, General Counsel

Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife

Commissioner’s Office

1 National Life Building, Davis 2

Montpelier, Vermont 05620-3702



2 comments on “Green Mountain Power has applied for a permit to kill endangered bats. Now’s your chance to tell ANR what you think!

  1. Jim Wiegand says:

    Today’s wind turbines slaughter every species that can fly and because this we are on a path of species extinction. This is exactly why I am exposing the USFWS for what they are,100% corrupt. To the best of my knowledge they went bad in the 1980”s when the turbine slaughter to eagles started and over half of the remaining condors disappeared soon after thousands of turbines went up in the Tehachapi region. This same pattern has also been repeated with the endangered whooping cranes.

    Once the public realizes these guys in Washington (Interior Department) are just sellout corporate shills, then we can get something done to stop the extinction of species from wind turbines. A good start would be for the FWS to admit how terrible these turbines are and to insist on the use of bird safe wind turbines like the FloDesign wind turbine.

  2. Jim Wiegand says:

    I will explain to readers how ridiculous or corrupt these “take permits” really are. For example if a kill or poaching permit is given for one bald eagle then 50 could die because there is no industry oversight and they won’t tell you about others.

    If anyone thinks for one second this industry with their “voluntary regulations” can be trusted, then I will remind all readers that they haven’t told the world about all the eagles slaughtered by turbines in Texas. But even if by some great stretch that these folks were to be honest, if one dead eagle is found then many others will have died because they never come close to finding them all. At Altamont mortality studies found 10.8 dead eagles a year but the death toll estimates were 75-116 eagles every year.

    This lack of accountability and kill ratio will be a thousand time worse with bats because they are much harder to find, they are quickly gobbled up by scavengers, and in all honesty the industry barely looks for these little guys. Altamont with thousands of turbines has been running for some 30 years and they have reported about a hundred bats killed. Realistically the true number could be a thousand times this amount.

    Actually the truth to all of this bird and bat carnage could be easily settled with 24 hour surveillance on turbine blades. But this industry with a millions of skeletons to hide, will have not have any part of this. But even so if any FWS employees or industry employees do not disclose that far more of any species will die than the number issued on a kill permit, it is clearly attempted fraud on their part. They have known what I am saying for decades.

    In a nutshell everyone should always remember that any of these FWS “take permits” are really an open license to kill that are being given to an industry with ZERO accountability.

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