Ridge Protectors Issues Statement on Sale of Nelson Farm to GMP

Ridge Protectors Issues Statement on Sale of Nelson Farm to GMP

Contact: Steve Wright




Don and Shirley Nelson typify the Vermont dream: work hard, pay your taxes, mind your own business, save your money, retire and enjoy your grandchildren and the deer in the meadow. Now, we have to add, and be forced off your property by a foreign-owned corporation. Yes, they were paid for that property, but money runs a poor second to beauty, peace, quiet and a love for your land.

Don and Shirley are heroes. They represent the long-held Vermont values that live on in the struggle for an energy policy we know is possible, one that doesn’t drive people from their homes, damage their health, and wither hope.

The Nelsons are not the only ones forced off their land; already, at least three other families near the Lowell project have experienced a similar fate. More are expected.

And all this for no effective climate change benefit. Industrial wind technology does not work on the New England landscape and the Lowell Project, in spite of GMP’s claims, is clear proof.

Complicit in this sad tale is the Shumlin administration, aided and abetted by the so-called “environmental” community. Together, they continue to advance statewide energy policy that even the PSB acknowledges worsens Vermont’s carbon footprint.

Ridge Protectors wishes Don and Shirley the peace and quiet they deserve and thanks them for their extraordinary fortitude representing real Vermont values. The struggle moves on.