April 14, 2014


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Nelsons Settle with Green Mountain Power

Don and Shirley Nelson of Lowell, Vermont have settled the lawsuit filed against them by Green Mountain Power Corporation. The litigation pertained to conflicting claims of ownership of an area of land at the top of Lowell mountain in the location of the wind turbine project. The lawsuit involved damage claims asserted by Green Mountain Power against the Nelsons and trespass and other damage claims asserted by the Nelsons against GMP.

Under the settlement, Green Mountain Power will pay the Nelsons a total of $1,300,000 to purchase the Nelsons’ Lowell, Vermont farm.

The Nelsons have released a statement noting that if they had fought the court battle to the end and prevailed – as they were confident they would have – they would not have been able to reverse the effects on Lowell Mountain or cause the towers to be removed from the mountain top. They would have received, at best, money damages comparable to what they achieved through settlement but only after a major courtroom battle with the possibility of appeals and with no certainty as to the outcome of the various claims and counterclaims filed by the Nelsons against Green Mountain Power and by Green Mountain Power against the Nelsons.

The Nelsons stated that once the turbines were built, it was clear that they were not coming down and the effect on Lowell Mountain was irreversible. They made the decision that they would not remain in their Lowell Mountain hill farm in the shadow of the turbines. The Nelsons intend to move from their farm to a location well away from the turbines.

As part of the settlement, Green Mountain Power agreed it would not oppose post- conviction relief sought by the citizen protestors who were convicted of trespass for standing on land that the Nelsons claim is theirs. Green Mountain Power acknowledged that the legal status and title to the land was in dispute.

The Nelsons have been fierce opponents of the Green Mountain Power wind turbine project because of its impact on Lowell Mountain, a mountain that Don Nelson grew up with and that both Nelsons dearly love. The Nelson farm has been in the Nelson family for more than 72 years.

The Nelsons expressed their gratitude to their many friends and neighbors who have battled with them to oppose the construction of wind turbines on Lowell Mountain.





  1. There will never be a more courageous family than Don & Shirley Nelson just as their beloved Lowell Mountain can never again be as Nature intended. It has been their struggle against pernicious corporate goliaths which has galvanized the Northeast Kingdom communities…inspired and generated citizen actions here in the NEK and state-wide.
    Please, Don & Shirley & family: find Peace & Relief from the unknowable stress’ of every battle you’ve endured.
    No matter what, Lowell Mountain will always be Nelson’s Mountain. Somehow I have to believe your spirits will always reside upon it. Thank you forever.

  2. Ken Davis says:

    This is a good sensable solution to the situation, The Nelsons had offered there farm for sale more than two years ago. It is too bad to be somewhat forced to leave the property because of the commercial project. recall some of the Farmers losing their farm when the Interstate was developed through Vermont and they did not get anywhere near adaquate compensation from the goverment. This resolves many years of potential litagation where only the lawyers would benefit for the next 10-20 years. Congratulations for having the common sence and Hope this brings peace

    • Peggy Sapphire says:

      First of all, it’s not “there” farm, it’s THEIR farm. As for the Interstate claiming farmers’ land, two wrongs don’t make a right. You know this.
      Leaving their farm is not “common sense” (not “common sence”), it is the essential travesty of a corporation against the real people. Corporations are not people, they are profiteers.

  3. windy says:

    The corrupt foreign corporation wins again – with the collusion of the court and VT legislature.

  4. Catamount- Stacy Burke says:

    Dear Don & Shirley,
    You’ll always be our heroes. So many of us have learned first hand about the power of big corporations and the audacity of what is considered green energy through your struggles. You fought so hard and gave us an avenue to stand up to what we and you believed was right. Thank -you for letting us into your home, share your land and be part of your family. The Nelson Farm will always be in our hearts.

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