This Friday is Stand Up for Your Mountains Day!

Rally to Protect Vermont’s Mountains – Friday October 12th, 11AM, Montpelier, VT
*Note* The Hardwick Gazette recently printed the date as Saturday October 13 – THIS IS NOT CORRECT!  See you on FRIDAY, October 12th at the Statehouse!
Free transportation from areas around the state, including Craftsbury Common – call 802-778-0660 to RSVP!
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On Friday morning at 11AM on the lawn in front of the Pavilion Building in Montpelier hundreds of Vermonters from around the state will rally to protect our mountains and protest the development of utility-scale wind. They’ll award a Certificate of Public Harm to the Shumlin Administration, The Public Service Board, and The Department of Public Service for their support of utility-scale wind development in Vermont. Those in attendance will demand an optimal, not irresponsible, plan to address climate change.
What: Rally to Protect Vermont’s Mountains
When: Friday October 12th, at 11AM
Where: Pavilion Building Lawn, Montpelier, VT
Who: Hundreds of Vermonters from all 14 Vermont counties impacted by utility-scale wind

December 5 Crane Path Blockade

Audio of Chris Braithwaite on Vermont Public Radio this morning talking about being arrested yesterday.

Green Mountain Daily‘s blog post about Chris’s arrest

December 5 Crane Path Blockade

It was cloudy and cool at 6:45 when we met below the mountain to prepare for the day.  A band of bright orange rimmed the eastern horizon, and we sang “This Little Light of Mine” to help us focus on our shared purpose and finalize our plans.  The walk up was extra slippery from the tracks of over a hundred guests at the Open House yesterday and we were approaching the edge of the crane path at about 8:30.

About two and a half months ago I stood at this boundary and gazed into a misty glade of cherry and yellow birch.  Autumn leaves were showing yellow and orange and squirrels were chattering while a jay made a racket nearby.  It was a magically beautiful spot, like many I have seen along this ridgeline, and knowing that the property line was disputed made me unaccountably hopeful that there might be time to prevent this place from being leveled for wind towers.  So I was surprised to find, when I came back just a week later, that the glade and surrounding areas along the crane path had been clear cut.  Of course I now know that this was only one corner that was cut, one problem that was overlooked, by GMP in their haste to lay low this mountain range for  industrial scale wind towers.  In the weeks that followed, it became harder and harder for me to stand by, and later to retreat, while the layers of the  mountain were blasted away.  Every passing day made me more convinced that this is not what “renewable” energy looks  like. Continue reading

Getting Arrested for Trespassing on the Nelsons’ Disputed Property

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Written by Terri Hallenbeck

LOWELL — Six Vermonters were cited Monday morning on suspicion of unlawful trespass after allegedly standing in the way of construction vehicles on Green Mountain Power Corp.’s Lowell wind project. Continue reading

Dec. 5, 2011 Stop Destroying Vermont

Lowell Protestors Stop Work at Site Due to “Environmental Destruction” 

Demand Detour to “Honest Energy Policy”

Lowell, VT – Early Monday morning a group of concerned citizens wearing shirts that read, “Ridges are Not Renewable” protested the Lowell wind project by occupying land currently being disputed between Green Mountain Power and the neighboring property owner. While on the disputed land, the protesters stopped construction vehicles with large signs, warning them “Road Closed: Due to Environmental Destruction” and redirected through “Detour To Honest Energy Policy.” The road closure and detour lasted for roughly an hour.

Orleans County Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks later arrested seven including Barton Chronicle Publisher/reporter Chris Braithwaite and took them to State Police Barracks in Derby for processing. During the hour the protestors also sang the Vermont State song, “These Green Mountains” and raised their voices for the line “We live to protect their beauty.”

Dr. Ron Holland of Irasburg, when asked why he chose to stop the construction vehicles in their tracks said, “Green Mountain Power and the State of Vermont have not been honest with citizens about the impacts of this project, and it is now time that Vermonters demand a honest reassessment of our energy policy.”

Anne Morse, a protester from Craftsbury, “Today marks new path for Vermont’s energy future – one towards small-scale, community oriented solutions that protect natural resources and unite communities, not blast away mountains and create division.”

Eric Wallace-Senft, from West Woodbury said, “We can no longer let the corporations make energy decisions for us, Green Mountain Power has taken our property and constitutional rights, and is blasting away our mountains. It’s time the power returns to the people.”

Charges are pending for those arrested, and when asked to identify themselves they said they were known as “Green Mountain People”.

Blasting away the Lowell Mountains on Friday

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