GMP vs. Nelson Legal Filings

Oct. 14 Temporary Restraining Order

Oct. 17 Nelson Court filings

Oct. 19 Nelson Motion for TRO and CounterClaim

Oct. 19 Nelson Motion for TRO and Memo in Support

Oct 19 Nelson Motion to Dissolve GMP TRO

Oct. 19 Amended Counterclaim of Donald and Shirley Nelson

Oct. 19 Affidavit of Donald Nelson

Oct. 19 Affidavit of Paul Hannon, Surveyor

Oct. 19 GMP Opposition to Nelsons’ Motion to Dissolve TRO

Oct. 20 Addendum to TRO

proposed Revised Addendum to TRO

Oct. 24 Nelson Reply Memo

Oct. 25 Transcript of Motion Hearing

Nov. 1 Preliminary Injunction

Nov. 1 Order re Cross-motions for TRO

Nov. 1 Order re Def’s Motion for TRO

Oct. 20 GMP Motion for Civ Contempt

Nov. 6 Nelson Opp to Mot for Civ Contempt

Nov. 1 PSB 2011-11-1_CFT-ALB_Motion(7628)

Nov. 1 PSB Memo re Blasting Stay Motion

Nov. 3 Affidavit of Stephen Blaisdell

Oct. 31 Affidavit of David Coriell

Nov. 2 GMP-Nelson ltr ct

Nov. 2 GMP-Nelson Motion for permit to appeal

Nov. 2 GMP-Nelson Mot to Recon

Nov. 4 In PSB GMP Opp to Motion for Stay of Blasting

Nov. 4 DPS Response to Board MemoSH Ltr

Nov. 4 In PSB 2011-11-4_ALB-CFT Reply GMP(7628)

Oct. 31 Affidavit of Mark Billings

Nov. 7 GMP Response to DPS

Nov. 8 Nelson v GMP Complaint to VSC

Nov. 9 Nelson Order denying contempt

Nov. 9 GMP Filing Letter to VSC

Nov. 9 GMP’s Motion to Dismiss in VSC

Nov. 10 Nelson-GMP Opp to Motion to Dismiss in VSC

Nov. 14 PSB 7628 Blasting Stay Order

Nov. 15 VSC Nelson denial of extra relief


One comment on “GMP vs. Nelson Legal Filings

  1. Sammy Windy says:

    Looks like the legal bills are mounting. Wind Wind Wind! We are supporters! We love wind power!

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